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The positioning of the Province of Neuquén and attractive space for public and private investment, domestic and foreign, acting operationally in matters relating to the promotion, coordination and monitoring of direct investment policies established by the Provincial Executive.

The planning and implementation of instruments for the promotion of investment in the province, proposing appropriate incentive mechanisms, as well as follow up and coordination of investment policies issued by the Executive.

The development of instruments for the expansion of the economy and foreign trade, promoting, through cooperation, the international influence of local businesses.

The permanent link between the Province and the credit agencies, funding and support, both nationally and internationally, participating in negotiations on the projects and programs implemented in the provincial territory, in coordination with relevant agencies.

Evaluation, negotiation and proposal, according to the directives of the Provincial Executive, international cooperation agreements with governmental institutions and private, municipal, provincial or national and regional, both at home and abroad.


Autoridades Provinciales

Governor: Mr. Omar Gutiérrez

Vice governor: Mr. Rolando Figueroa

Minister of Economy and Infrastructure: Mr. Norberto Bruno

Minister of Safety, Labour and Environment:  Mr. Jorge Lara

Minister of Government and Justice:  Mr. Mariano Gaido

Minister of Production and Tourism: Mr. José Brillo

Minister of Health and Social Development: Mr. Ricardo Corradi Diez

Minister of Education: Mrs. Cristina Storioni

Minister of Energy, Public Services and Natural Resources: Mr.Alejandro Nicola

Autoridades ADI - NQN S.E.P. 

President: Mr. Pedro Salvatori

Vicepresident: Mr. Luis Enrique Galardi

Principal Director: Mrs. Yolanda Teresa Maiolo

Principal Trustee: Mr. Jorge Daniel Sabio

Alternate Trustee: Mr. Juan Rubén Garcia

Administrative Manager: Mrs. Graciela Arrigo

Project Development Manager: Mr. Alejandro Montaña


The Agency for Investment Promotion and Development Company of the State of the Province of Neuquén-ADI-NQN SEP aims to promote the expansion of domestic investment and attracting foreign investment aimed at generating high leverage activities, encouraging innovation technology, industry, trade and export promotion, depending on the potential of natural and human resources available to the province, as the only way to create genuine jobs and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.


Explore the capital market, both national and international, to secure the support of risky investments in projects and initiatives consistent with the priorities established in the planning of the development of the Province of Neuquén.

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