Financing approval to carry out studies of Butalón Norte hydroelectric development.

The Investment Development Agency (ADI-Neuquén) received the approval of the Argentine Energy Sector Studies Program (Programa de Estudios del Sector Energético Argentino - PESE) to finance feasibility studies of Butalón Norte hydroelectric dam, located in the upper basin of Neuquén river.

The area under study is located between the projects that make up the section called Neuquén medio (middle Neuquén), more precisely the tail of the future reservoir La Invernada and the section of Colo Michico site, completing the so-called Alto Neuquén.
The studies consist of left bank infrastructure surveys, topographic analyzes and 40 meter drillings to identify the status of the rock to mount the structures.
Two alternatives are under analysis, with energy production feasibility between 26 and 30 megawatts, considering the technical, economic and environmental aspects of this project.

Completion deadline of the studies is 6 months, to be undertaken by the Consultant HISSA-HCA, as of 1st March, with a budget of $ 2.838,400, financed by the Andean Commission of Development.
This project, together with Colo Michico, Los Guiones, Nahueve and the prospective Domuyo geothermal plant will comprise a major hydrogeothermal pole that will be able to export at least 100 megawatts, from this region to the national electrical system, that is sufficient energy to cover the consumption of 128.000 homes.
Each project involves a construction period of at least 36 months, improvement in water supply to Varvarco location and power supply enhancement and reliability for the entire northern region of the province.

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