Surveys to determine geothermal potential in Domuyo

The company selected is Proinsa, the period of execution is nine months and the investment amounts to AR$ 6.000.000.

Authorities of the Program for Studies of the Argentinean Energy Sector (PESE by its acronym in Spanish), under the Ministry of Energy and Mines, informed ADI-NQN S.E.P. that the work initiation act will be signed with Proinsa on Thursday 21st April, to make in-depth studies that shall determine the energy potential of Domuyo geothermal area, located 35 kilometers north of Varvarco location.

Completion time will be 9 months and the planned investment is AR$ 6.000.000. Funding will be provided by a loan received by the Argentinean National Government from the Andean Development Corporation (CAF for its acronym in Spanish) to develop studies included in the PESE Program.

Highly developed techniques will be applied to deepen former studies conducted with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in 1984 and to update the conceptual model of the geothermal field in order to determine the technical, financial and environmental feasibility of this resource to generate electricity at a commercial scale. Geophysical studies include 90 measurement stations with magnetoteluric method, 40 with time domain electromagnetic (TDEM) drilling tests and 130 stations with gravimetric methods.

In 2015, the feasibility studies and bidding documents for Los Guiones and Colo Michicó mini hydroelectric projects, included in ADINQN portfolio, were made under the PESE Program. These projects, located in the upper basin of Nahueve and Neuquén Rivers, together with Domuyo geothermal Project will allow the development of a hydro geothermal hub of around 100 megawatt to be traded in the wholesale electric market.

Likewise, ADI-NQN continues working on the development of the wind projects included in its portfolio with more than 300 megawatts of installed capacity. The Agency plans to participate, on its own or in association with third parties, in the upcoming Public Tender Process that the National Secretariat of Electric Energy intends to launch, within the recently sanctioned law of renewable energy N° 27191 and its regulations.

Governor Omar Gutiérrez intends to develop renewable resources to contribute to the diversification of energetic matrix in the province, and support the commitment of the national government, that is, to achieve the goal of participation of renewable energy sources stated in law 27.191.

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