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National Government presented RenovAr programme to boost renewable energy

President Mauricio Macri presented RenovAr programme on May 18th and announced the Call for Public Tender Process for contracts with the wholesale electricity market (MEM) to generate electrical power from renewable sources.

He stated that "We have to fill Patagonia with wind mills to fill Argentina with energy", noting that "we inherited an Argentina with energy crisis."
Argentina is among the countries with highest possibilities to generate renewables, due to the persistent high winds in its southern region. "We are among the leading energy producers in the world", Macri said.
"The first phase, with 1.000 megawatts, will avoid more than 2.000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. It is like taking one million vehicles off the streets", he compared.

Projects in Neuquén

To contribute with the diversification of energy matrix, Governor Omar Gutierrez will present projects in the public tender recently announced. The province of Neuquén, through ADI-NQN S.E.P. in association with private investors, intends to contribute to the commitment of the national government, that is, to achieve the goal of participation of renewable energy sources stated in law 27.191.
The wind farms, fully compliant with the respective certifications, are located in the areas of Picún Leufú, Zapala and Senillosa. All of them have been developed by ADINQN, except one, located in Collón Curá, which was developed in association with "Vientos Neuquinos". The projects, with a total installed capacity of 375 MW, have been highly qualified and will take an outstanding position among the projects that Argentina shall submit to investors.
Website with further information CAMMESA (Compañía Administradora del Mercado Mayorista Eléctrico).

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