Incentives for Investment

Economic promotion - Act 378, as amended

It promotes the installation of new industries to the extraction, processing and / or comprehensive utilization of mineral, agricultural, forestry, hydroelectric, tourism development and creating new jobs.

The following are some of the benefits conferred by this legislation:

• Tax exemption provincial ordinary or special emergency

• Sale of public land preferential price

• Technical advice and negotiations with municipalities and the national government

• Provision of infrastructure and basic services for the development of the industry

Provincial Law 378 
Resolution 664 (amending)

Transient Regime for Investment Attraction. Provincial Law Regulatory Decree 2672-771/10.

It encourages private investment in the Province of Neuquen, in order to achieve maintenance of employment rates and the change in the productive.


• Exemption from existing or future provincial taxes, for a period of ten (10) years, and in whole or staggered, as provided in the rules.

• Facilities for the purchase, rental, or lease with option to purchase within five (5) years and leasing of movable and immovable property of the provincial government, according to current regulations.

• Technical advice and assistance from state agencies, both in the administrative and technological and financial.

• State support and participation in the management of exemptions and tax reductions, pricing, promotion or aid measures and other franchises in the national or municipal level.

• Grants of up to fifty percent (50%) interest rate credit line for companies promoted. -

It creates a single point of entry, the Agency for Investment Promotion and Development of Neuquen. (ADI-NQN SEP), aiming to develop a promotion system more dynamic and attractive.

It will prioritize the provision of these benefits to local investors. The benefits will be a scale-dependent characteristics of the project (labor employed, external trade integration, etc..) Of the location where you set the same (department where it is installed) and if it is included in the priority sectors for the province to achieve the change of the productive.

Provincial Law 2.672 
Amending Decree 771/10 
Provincial Law 2.781 
Amending Decree 2.472/12 

Private Initiative Provincial Law 1,820 Arts.: 24-32. Regulatory Decree 3.211/96 - 3590/98.

Encourages the submission of private initiatives for the construction, maintenance or operation of public works and services. Once declared of public interest, the proposed initiative will base calling for bids or requests for projects integral to the nature of the work or concession.

The offer of the author of the initiative will be rewarded with 10% on all items listed and, if the lowest bid was from another bidder, he and the author of the initiative will be invited to improve their offers.

Provincial Law 1.820 
Regulatory Decree 3.211/96 
Regulatory Decree 3.590/98 

Regime private initiative for public works. Provincial Law 2685

Regulates the presentation of projects under the private regime for the execution of public works under the regime of the provincial Act No. 687.

Provincial Law 2685  

Electricity Production from Renewable Natural Resources. -National Law No. 26.190 and No. 2596 Provincial

Under the National Law No. 26.190 and provincial law ficatoria 378) sets fiscal and tax incentives aimed at investors interested in producing electricity from renewable sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and hydro (up to 30 MW of installed capacity), as well as for the development and manufacture of equipment for those technologies.

Shall apply for VAT and income tax, the benefits granted by national law N ° 25,934 and regulations, both for the acquisition of capital goods to the realization of the works intended for such ventures. The system to promote further stipulates the exemption for tax on minimum presumed income, and mobile remuneration per MWh. actually generated, for a period of up to 15 years.

Through provincial law No. 2596, the province adheres to national law and granted to investors, in addition to the benefits listed in paragraph referred to Economic Development, fiscal stability assurance regarding provincial levies during the agreed time for promotion and commitment not to create new ones on the same period, and additional remuneration mobile MWh. actually generated.

National Law 26.190 
National Law 2.596 

Promotion System of Economic Activities. - Provincial Law 2683

This Act creates a new promotion scheme for the acquisition of goods and contracting of works and services by the public sector in the Province of Neuquén.

It applies throughout the realm of Provincial Administration, its agencies, departments and autonomous agencies and decentralized with respect to the procurement of goods and procurement of works and services of provincial origin, when any available and their quality and price may be convenient to provincial state interests.

The beneficiaries of this scheme are all those individuals and companies, and any form of association, which are of Provincial Provider quality, established legal, tax and principal place of business in the Province of Neuquén, with a minimum of one years both with regard to the condition of having legal domicile and tax, as well as, with regard to the principal place of business, both of which must be reliably credited.

In case of contracts to carry forward the provincial government, with the presentation of various proposals from private suppliers, completing all requested by the respective unit shall be established for neuquinos providers a preferential rate to determine the value of the offer shall subject the award, which has general characteristics in each category, with different prices offered.

Also be awarded to the company or organization based in the province has reached quality certification according to national and international standards. The suppliers based in the localities targeted product fully, the work or service contracted by the State, may have a preference in the award over other suppliers neuquinos up to two percent (2%).

- Provincial Law 2683

Mining - Provincial Law 2028

Neuquén adheres to all such terms Investment Regime for Mining activity established by national law 24,196. This law promotes risk investment in the mining sector. Establishes principles: fiscal stability, exemptions on import of capital goods, special deductions on income tax, financing and reimbursement of VAT, special depreciation, maximum percentage of royalties and other important economic legal effect.

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